• My DHL Parcel

    My DHL Parcel

A customer centric strategy

DHL is convinced that long-term customer relationships only last if DHL Parcel and its services are user friendly, intuitive and customer-oriented. Therefore DHL Parcel pursues a customer-centric strategy. This vision requires intelligent and at the same time user-friendly online tooling.

My DHL Parcel: user friendly digital shipping solution

One Shoe developed together with the development team of DHL Parcel an easy to use digital B2X solution that merges existing DHL-products in one shipping service, so the business and service processes for shippers of large numbers of business packages runs more smoothly.


Verstuur je pakket slim met DHL Parcel


Industry frontrunner

With these high-quality digital services DHL Parcel is a leader in the industry, both in terms of customer centricity, high level of self-service as the technique used: My DHL Parcel is a Single Page Application developed with the latest technologies such as angularjs Javascript Framework based Google Material design, the design philosophy of Google for optimal User Interface.

My DHL Parcel: Efficiency and control

  • Prepare multiple shipments
  • Schedule pickups
  • Print labels
  • Login / Create accounts
  • Multilevel organization structures
  • Track & Trace within shipping application
  • Responsive / Google Material design
  • Collect user feedback through Usabilla