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  • Thuisarts.nl website

  • Thuisarts.nl website

Bringing together needs and information 

One Shoe was asked by the Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG) to create and develop a website that allows people to easily and quickly consult medical information on diseases and health. NHG had the medical information available and we identified user requirements. Then we al brought it together in an information architecture. Next we functionally conceived and developed the website . 

About thuisarts.nl

Increasingly, people are looking for online information about diseases and increasingly patients come to the clinic with - often found online - information. This information could come from sources who are not reliable, or are even completely incorrect. To provide a resource where patients can always find reliable information, www.thuisarts.nl was realised.


Quick search and Solr

The search functionality is based on Apache Solr and seamlessly integrated into the Drupal Content Management System. The  module integrates autocomplete and search filters giving users the possibility to quickly search for and filter content. The content can be found via the search function, using an anatomical image with body parts and is offered via an alphabet in an alphabar. Links to related designs enhance the usability even further. 

Also for mobile users

For www.thuisarts.nl we also achieved a mobile version that works on all mobile smartphone platforms. The mobile version contains the same information as the desktop website. In terms of information no compromises are made. Administrators are content to do a change only once and it is displayed correctly for all types of users and devices. 



SEO & Accessibility

Because thuisarts.nl contains very useful and reliable information for the masses, the technology within the website fully SEO compliant. On this foundation the site designed & built with accessibility in mind. Even without CSS support the site is readable, and the text size can be adapted for users with impaired vision. 

Thuisarts.nl wins prizes 

Thuisarts.nl has long been a successful website with many visitors. For health insurers, this has not gone unnoticed. Therefore thuisarts.nl received the Niek de Jong price in 2013. According to the jury Thuisarts.nl deserves, for a diverse number of reasons, the price. Thus, the project is a good example of the potential of eHealth.

The NHG guarantees reliable medical information. Thuisarts.nl is not only a good tool for people who seek information at home, but is also widely used in consultation by GPs and in their conversation with their patient.