• UMC Digitale Studiegids

    UMC Study Guide

Utrecht University (UU) together with the University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMC) wanted a digital version of the Study Guide Lifesciences that would make it easier for students to access information about the programs. In this way one would decrease the amount of questions at the administration.

Webbased app

A "digital version" may vary from a website to a mobile app. We have chosen to design a web-based studyguide, so that students have access on both laptop, tablet and mobile. By means of smart scaling (responsive behavior) the information provided is adjusted to the image carrier. The studyguide can also be saved as a web app on the home screen of smartphones.

Corporate identity UU and UMC united

We have merged the identity of the UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University into the design of the app. The style is put down by in-house designers of the UMC Utrecht, which we have further developed and designed to optimize it for implementation in the digital study guide.


User-friendly and intuitive

During the launch, the first users were able to navigate directly through the app without any further explanation. So, it appears that we have realized a user-friendly and intuitive solution.

Based on this framework, One Shoe also developed the study guide for the Utrecht University study biomedical sciences.