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Omring website

Healthcare organisation Omring, well-known in the North-Holland region, focuses on people who need care at vulnerable moments. From care to specialised nursing. From treatment to rehabilitation. is the place where it all comes together.

Taking care for healthcare

Taking the first step to healthcare can be difficult. Omring minimalises the step to help for - for example - people with dementia or those who need assisted living. This gives future clients, their loved ones and referrers exactly the help they need. They can now go to for all information about the care they need, whether it's at home or at one of the 25 residential care locations.

Getting to know the target audience

Why is the visitor on the website? What does he want to find out or do? How can we help someone who is looking for specialised nursing? What limitations does the target audience have? We have held several work sessions in which we defined the personas and their customer journey together with Omring. During these sessions we learned everything about the target audience.

Drupal 8 has been built efficiently using the Drupal 8 CMS. Drupal's modular basis ensures the website is suitable for all functionalities that Omring needs. Moreover, Drupal 8 is very strong in privacy and security, which is really important for healthcare websites!

Atomic Design for an efficient construction

The development process was made really efficient because of using Atomic Design Systems. This approach divides content into reusable components that can be adjusted based on the purpose of the content. This prevents double work, so we were able to build website super efficient with a lot of consistency in the structure of the pages.

Care close by listens to the needs of people. On the couch, on the boat to the Dutch Island Texel or while having a cup of tea at their neighbours: Omring can be reached by phone 24/7. Is talking difficult? You can also chat with Omring. In this way, brings care for everyone close by.


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