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The online platform about self-medication

Taking care of yourself starts at We built the Drupal website for branch organisation, which optimally informs the public about all possibilities of self-care and self-care products.

Neprofarm is an initiative of Neprofarm, the trade association of manufacturers and importers of self-care medicines, health products (including food supplements and herbal preparations) and medical devices. On Neprofarm provides consumers with information on self-care.

Verkoudheid of spierpijn? informs the public about optimal possibilities of self-care and self-care products. The website covers a wide range of basic health problems such as colds, muscle aches and athlete's foot. The website offers information on how to recognise the disease, what you can do for yourself even if you have to go to the doctor.

Drupal 7 website

The technology behind is Drupal. Drupal is a renowned open-source CMS, known for its flexibility and organised content structure. If you want to develop a website on which many different information is offered - such as on - we strongly recommend Drupal. Drupal can convert a complex information architecture into flexible content structures and also has many options for content creation and publication.


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